Elizabethan Faire at the Shakespeare in Gloucester Festival

Elizabethan Faire | 10 May 2014

The 16th Annual Shakespeare in Gloucester Festival 2014.

The goal of the Shakespeare in Gloucester Festival is to bring the universal messages of Shakespeare to modern audiences. The Elizabethan Faire is a fun part of the annual Festival and we’ve got some great highlights planned for 2014:

  • Browse and buy from a whole new range of stallholders selling unique merchandise, plus the fresh food & produce grown by local farmers from the renowned Gloucester Farmers Market.
  • Marvel at the jousters from the Barony of Mordenvale battling near the rope bridge
  • Tap your feet to the Olde English dancing traditions of Albion Fair Morris Dancers
  • Be entertained by the sweet music of Spring Tide wandering minstrels
  • Laugh & be amazed by the lovely street performer Columbine as she shares her magic & fun
  • Join in the fancy dress competition for primary school aged children…come dressed up as a Knight or a Princess, there are prizes to win!
  • Bounce into a jumping castle that actually looks like a castle
  • Colour your day with face painting & hair braiding
  • Try your hand at Elizabethan games such as Gloucestershire skittles and rope quoits
  • Have a palm reading to divine your future

With so much fun and action planned, we look forward to seeing you in Gloucester’s Billabong Park on Saturday 10 May.

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