Cobark Endurance Ride | 09-10 Aug 2014

The endurance motto “to complete is to win” gives an indication of the fitness of the equine and human athletes taking part in the 2014 Cobark Endurance Ride on 09-10 August.

The rugged Barrington Tops provides a spectacular backdrop to this ‘equine ironman’ event based out of the beautiful Camp Cobark, just half an hour’s drive west of Gloucester.

The 80km endurance course runs through gentle valley slopes along sections of the Cobark, Barrington, Kerripit and Bowman rivers, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy the vista of pristine, crystal clear water with rock pools and cascades. Part of the NSW Endurance RIders Association calendar, this event is also a fundraiser for Gloucester High School.

Those new to endurance riding can take part in 5km, 10km, 20km or 40-60km intermediate and introductory rides.

Vets will examine horses on the day before the ride (Saturday afternoon), during the ride and at the end of the ride on Sunday.  A successful completion is only possible if the horse passes all the stringent vet checks.

Organisers would love to hear from potential sponsorss or volunteers for the event.

CONTACT |  Carol Layton and Rob Howden 6558 5573 (after 7.30 pm)
DETAILS | All details at or

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