Gloucester Patchwork Exhibition | 17 Jul-10 Aug 2014

The latest exhibition at the Gloucester Gallery is from the Gloucester Patchwork Group. These talented ladies embody the ethos of our country women: intricate craft skills, endless imagination plus boundless energy assisting charitable causes and doing good deeds everywhere they go! Check out their brilliant quilting works and you’ll see why they’re loved by disaster victims, cancer patients, hospital kids, quilt lovers and admirers of fine crafts.

WHERE | Gloucester Gallery, Denison St WHEN | 17 July-10 August, 2014 HOURS |  Thursday-Saturday from 10am – 4pm; Sunday 10am – 1pm INFO |, ph 0428 508 704

Gloucester Gallery is a community gallery space located in the historic School of Arts building in Gloucester on the Mid North Coast of NSW.  Under the motto of ‘Art for All’ the gallery:

  • provides a facility for the use by the entire Gloucester community to display our district’s culture
  • fosters the practice, study and appreciation of the arts in our community
  • encourages and supports artists in their artistic, economic & professional development.

Gloucester Gallery hosts a program of monthly exhibitions by artists and community groups. Details of exhibitions can be found on the Gloucester Gallery Exhibitions page or download their calendar from the Special Events page.

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