Materials Recovery Tour | Tue 11 Nov & Thur 13 Nov 2014

November 10-16 is National Recycling Week. Now in its 17th year, National Recycling Week is an annual education and behaviour change campaign which aims to improve the environmental benefits of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs.

To help celebrate Midcoast Waste Services is offering local residents the chance to tour the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located in Tuncurry. The facility processes approximately 14,000 tonnes of material per year from the Great Lakes, Greater Taree and Gloucester regions.

WHERE | Materials Recovery Facility – Tuncurry
WHEN | Tuesday 11 November & Thursday 13 November
COST | Free
INFO | Book your tour 1300 290 763 or email

Participants in the tours will be able to see what happens to their recycling once the trucks bring it from their bins to the state of the art MRF. The Facility boasts a special education room with viewing windows located over the processing plant, providing onlookers with a bird’s eye view of the separation and processing of recyclables.

You will see each step of the sorting and baling process as well as learning about the new products recyclables are turned into and the environmental benefits of recycling.

The free tours are open to all community members and will take place at 10.00 am on Tuesday 11th November and again at 1.00pm on Thursday 13th November.  Light refreshments will be provided during the tour.

So why not come along and see where all your recycling goes and ask all those tricky questions you’ve been wondering about.

To register for a tour simply contact Midcoast Waste Services on 1300 290 763 or

Bookings are essential. Please note all participants must also wear fully enclosed footwear in order to attend the tour.

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