Pix From The Stix Exhibition | 19 Jun – 12 Jul 2015

This annual photographic competition is always hotly-contested, with the winner getting front page on the local phone directory. Entries closed 5 June so now you can see the entries and the winners too on exhibition at the Gloucester Gallery in Denison Street.

15th anniversary winners
To mark the 15th anniversary of the competition, the competition criteria was changed to Black and White, honouring the first exhibition which had a Max Dupain photograph ‘Mograni 1951’ as the centrepiece.

1st – ‘A Day in Life’ – Klara Gardiner
2nd – ‘Selfie’ – Lauren O’Neill
Highly Commended – ‘I Rule the World’ – Alexander Bull
Not Your Normal Photo:
1st – ‘Backpedal’ – Ross Pearson
2nd – ‘What to do with Marylou’ – Shayne Gardiner
Highly Commended – ‘Embellish’ – Wendy Fraser
Man Made:
1st – ‘Rookhurst’ – Jeff De Witte
2nd – ‘Denison St Nippon’ – Wendy Fraser
Lie of the Land:
1st – ‘Sorghum Field’ – Wendy Fraser
2nd – ‘The Paddock’ – Jeff De Witte
Natural Environment:
1st – ‘Reach for the Stars’ – Shayne Gardiner
2nd – Birdy Birdy in the Tree’ – Georgia Britton
Highly Commended – ‘New Beginning’ – Sandra Ford
1st – ‘The Book Barn’ – Georgia Britton
2nd – ‘The Camel Train’ – Georgia Britton
Highly Commended – ‘Untitled’ – The Cottage
Major Prize:
‘Reach for the Stars’ – Shayne Gardiner

  • WHEN:  19 June to 12 July 2015
  • WHERE: The Gloucester Gallery at Denison Street, next to the Visitor Information Centre


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