Gloucester Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool | Water is health

For a small country town, Gloucester enjoys an exceptional range of sporting facilities that make it the envy of many larger centres. In the middle of the green and lovely Gloucester District Park you’ll find the council-owned pool complex that’s been providing perfect swimming conditions for over 50 years.

The swimming pool complex includes a 13 metre Hydrotherapy Pool with toilets and change rooms. that’s open year round and is heated to 34°C. The many benefits of hydrotherapy treatment include:

  • Loosens tense, tight muscles and encourages relaxation
  • Increases the metabolic rate and digestion activity
  • Hydrates the cells, improving skin and muscle tone
  • Stimulates blood supply to internal organs
  • Boosts the immune system by improving the function of the internal organs

Conditions helped by hydrotherapy include acne, arthritis, colds, depression, headaches, stomach problems, joint muscle and nerve problems, sleep disorders and stress!

Exercise equipment and water noodles are also available to assist your fitness levels.

  • WHERE: At the Olympic Pool Complex in Gloucester District Park
  • WHEN: Monday-Friday 6.00am-5.00pm ; Saturday 8.00am-11.00am; Closed Sundays & public holidays.
  • COST: Adult $7; Concession $6; 3 month passes: single $150 and family $200

More details from the helpful pool staff on 6538 5270.

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