Forster Film Festival in Gloucester, Sat 5 Sep 2015

Forster Film Festival in Gloucester | Sat 5 Sep 2015

See an amazing range of short films from around the world when the Forster Film Festival returns to Gloucester for just one day:

  • Date (6 mins, Australia, comedy)
  • Set Designer (6 mins, USA, comedy)
  • Russian Roulette (5 mins, UK, comedy)
  • The Amber Amulet (23 mins, Australia, comedy)
  • Room 8 (6 mins, US, drama)
  • Astronaut (7 mins of space music)
  • Reaping For Dummies (4 mins, Norway, CGI animation)
  • Buskers (13 mins, Ireland, drama)
  • Smoke Seller (7 mins, Spain, CGI animation)
  • Gift (8 mins, Singapore, drama)
  • Makeover (7 mins, Australia, comedy)
  • Donkey (7 mins, UK, drama)

Presented by GACCI, more details from Maureen 0419 426 816 or their website.

  • WHEN: Saturday 5 September 2015, screenings 4.00pm and 8.00pm
  • WHERE: Gloucester Citizens Centre, Hume Street Gloucester
  • COST: Tickets $18 from Gloucester Health Foods or at the door.

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