Sustainable Futures Convention, 24-25 Oct 2015

Sustainable Futures Convention | 24-25 Oct 2015

The challenges and choices of living sustainably in rural and regional communities are creating exciting opportunities. Transitioning towards a renewable economic and social landscape is happening across Australia and the world – and we all need to be included and informed about the huge potentials coming our way.

Our choices and involvement in the way we want to shape and evolve our social and environmental futures are vital and everyone needs to be at the table. This Sustainable Futures Convention is supported by Gloucester’s local schools, businesses and community organisations.

Join us for a weekend of creative, robust and challenging conversations as we hear from social change makers, sustainable industries and businesses.


Speakers and facilitators:

  • Cheryl Kernot: Social Business Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact
  • Amanda Cahill: Director and Founder of the Centre for Social Change
  • Jarra Hicks: Director and a co-founder the Community Power Agency, and a leading member of the Coalition for Community Energy
  • Graeme Stuart: Lecturer Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle (Community Capacity Building and Transition Towns)
  • James Whelan and Fee Mozeley: The Change Agency: independent social movement education initiative

Be involved in exploring opportunities and solutions in this evolving and exciting time. We need everyone to help map our future to thrive and live well in a progressive society.

Employment, renewable energy solutions, social cohesion and community wellbeing are at the forefront of a sustainable future. What a weekend this will be! We need you there, we need your voice, we need your ideas, your energy, enthusiasm, wisdom – and above all your passion!

  • WHEN: 24-25 October 2015 (8.30am-5.00pm Saturday; 9.00am-3.00pm Sunday)
  • WHERE: Gloucester High School Auditorium, Ravenshaw Street, Gloucester
  • COST: Registration is $25 each day to cover daytime catering costs, available at Gloucester Health Foods or book online.

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