The Gloss at Country Living Expo Sydney Olympic Park, 6-7 Aug 2016

The Gloss: 1 – 7 August 2016

gloss  (noun): shine or lustre, gleam, brilliance, shimmer or sparkle.

This week’s edition has been compiled especially for the Regional Living Expo at Sydney Olympic Park this coming weekend. The Gloss is being distributed there as part of our efforts to showcase all the things that make Gloucester shine!

The staff from the Visitor Information Centre will be assisting on the Destination Gloucester exhibit at the Expo, and will be promoting our Tourism Brand Values:

  1.  A remarkable setting at the foot of the Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts Mountains)
  2.  Easily accessed by road and by rail, in a location handy to major centres
  3.  Thriving rural heritage with a strong sense of community
  4.  A comprehensive range of shopping options on a relaxed main street
  5.  Cafes, wineries, pubs and clubs for all tastes and all seasons
  6.  Extensive accommodation choices for any budget
  7.  Impressive sporting facilities for all skills and abilities
  8.  World heritage nature nearby for adventure and wellbeing
  9.  Pristine rivers for swimming, paddling and platypus habitat
  10.  Beautiful and productive farmlands providing food for the state
  11.  Scenic drives that will change your outlook and maybe your life
  12.  An emerald-green network of national parks, forests and conservation areas
  13.  A year-long agenda of unique and entertaining events
  14.  A farmers market that inspires other markets
  15.  A wonderful place to live, work and play

Also available is the Gloucester Visitor Guide which contains all the must-know details about visiting Gloucester or making the most of its services if you live here. Print out a copy to keep handy for yourself, your guests, friends or family.