Christine du Fresne and Louise Young exhibition, 6-30 Oct 2016

Christine du Fresne & Louise Young Exhibition: 6-30 Oct 2016

Christine du Fresne uses figuration in her paintings to suggest – through body language – the ways in which we so often misread people and circumstances. She uses humour and theatricality in her creation of tableaus so that the arrangement of figures becomes as a pageant, full of colour and movement, most often represented on a shallow stage. The figures – most in bathing suits – personify our self-conscious states. Some airborne figures express a wiser or more pragmatic state.

Louise Young is an art conservator and sculptor but she is just coming back to her art after a long break. Her work currently explores the beauty found within everyday discarded objects. Louise pulls apart obsolete and broken items, and goes on a journey of discovery to what lies within. The various elements found become her raw materials. She then assembles disparate yet harmonious pieces to form something new, giving life to that which was destined for the scrap heap and putting on show the beauty that was hidden from view. This new direction is congruent with her beliefs about conservation and recycling and is her way to honour all that our beautiful, fragile planet offers.

  • WHEN: Thursday 6 October to Sunday 30 October 2016. Opening event Saturday 15 October at 2.00pm, all welcome!
  • WHERE: The Gloucester Gallery, Denison Street Gloucester
  • OPEN: Wednesday to Sunday, 10.00am to 4.00pm