Log Doggie and friends

If you’re travelling north on The Bucketts Way between Stratford and Gloucester keep your eye out for the Log Doggies. Several poems have been written about the gang of Log Doggies, we thought you might enjoy this one written by John Potts.

Yes Sir, I’m one lucky dog,
Here with my friends resting in ‘our log.’
No hangovers, protection from weather,
What in the world could ever be better.

New Year’s eve, we’ll be under the stars,
Counting travellers, in passing cars.
It’s peaceful here ‘Up Bucketts Way,’
Nice way we have, to spend our day.

Some people stop to say, how you going mate?
As we sit here, out by the farmhouse gate.
If you come here on a long trip,
Pull up spend time, maybe just a bit.

Or toot your horn, give us a beep,
So we know you aren’t half asleep.
We worry, we don’t just waste time here,
Praying the road is safe for you all year.

We are known Worldwide as ‘The Log Doggies,’
Sometimes we are visited by Log ‘Moggies.’
We don’t particularly get along with cats,
Though they are better than fruit bats.
We like peace here in our old log,
Snap a picture of me, your favourite log-dog.

By John Potts