Scraps to Soil Workshop, Sat 28 Oct 2017

Scraps To Soil Workshop: Sat 1 April 2017

Presented by Midwaste Regional Waste Forum in conjunction with MidCoast Council and the Tucker Patch, learn how to compost and turn your kitchen scraps and garden waste into amazing food for your soil and plants.

The workshops will cover the basics of getting started with composting and worm farming at home and teach you how to create rich compost to make your garden grow! You will learn about the value of composting, setting up, managing and maintaining your new compost bin or worm farm, ingredients and how to use compost products as well as trouble-shooting so you are ready to create your own fantastic compost at home.

  • WHEN: Saturday 01 April 2017, 1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • WHERE: The Tucker Patch, 62 Cemetery Road, Gloucester
  • COST: $20 includes a compost bin + aerator or a worm farm + worms!
  • CONTACT: More details at register now call 0422 151 402.