GACCI Players perform Five Finger Exercise, 5-7 May 2017

Live theatre in Gloucester “Five Finger Exercise”: 5-7 May 2017

Some of the talented local stars from GACCI are back with a serious drama “Five Finger Exercise”, a great 2-act play by Peter Shaffer and directed by Gloucester resident Anne Keen.

And don’t forget to bring the makings of your own pre-show soiree to kick off the frivolity in fine style: BYO drinks, nibbles & friends!

“Five Finger Exercise” by Peter Shaffer

Starring Maureen Hjorth as Louise Harrington, Dave Keen as Clive Harrington, Dave Windred as Walter Langer, Rod Burrows as Stanley Harrington and Katheryn Smith as Pamela Harrington. Directed by Anne Keen.

Five Finger Exercise is a clever and symbolic reference to a piano exercise for pianists. The play has five characters that must “exorcise” their conflicts and piano music is used throughout to underscore and punctuate dramatically heightened moments.

A family drama that uncovers the Harrington family’s deep-seat tension. The catalyst is the arrival of the charming German tutor Walter Langer, who comes to their Suffolk cottage to help the family’s young daughter with her schooling. He inadvertently brings their underlying resentments out into the open. Self-deluded mother Louise plays favourites to her troubled and sensitive son Clive, while working class father Stanley dotes on their feisty daughter Pamela.


  • Friday 5 May 2017 at 7.30pm (doors open 6.30pm for pre-show soiree BYO drinks & nibbles)
  • Saturday 6 May 2017 at 7.30pm (doors open 6.30pm for pre-show soiree BYO drinks & nibbles)
  • Sunday matinee 7 May 2017 at 1.00pm

WHERE: Gloucester Citizens Centre, 30 Hume Street Gloucester

COST: Tickets $20 (GACCI members $15) at Gloucester Health Foods or at the door.