Christopher Steele exhibition, Gloucester Gallery

Christopher Steele Exhibition: 26 Apr – 20 May 2018

The latest exhibition at Gloucester Gallery is by talented local artist Christopher Steele called “Nu Feminin”.

Opening event on Saturday 28 April at 7.00pm, all welcome!

Artist statement

I’ve been attracted to, and intrigued by, the female form from a young age. The female nude is an important, powerful and potent image in the history of art and society.

The very first 3D image in the history of man is an artefact the Venus of Willendorf, a nude female figurine that is a fertility symbol. Since then the image of the nude female has been present and important on numerous levels socially.

This body of work represents a very contemporary image of the nude female figure or parts there of. The artworks are a merging of traditional practice with contemporary technology without leaving traditional practice behind. This is a very exciting and rich format. I’m still discovering the possibilities with so much more to discover.

There are forms I can do by hand that I can’t do with a machine and there are things that I can do with the machine that I can’t do by hand, however I’m endeavouring to merge the ambiguity that is achieved from these experiments.

The titles are in French because of my love of the French modernists who had such an impact on contemporary practice through their concepts and techniques, as well as the prolific presence of the nude in the practice of the French modernists.

You can Google the meanings of the titles, audience participation.

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  • WHERE: 26 April – 20 May 2018
  • WHERE: The Gloucester Gallery, 25 Denison St.
  • OPEN: Free entry, open Mon-Sat 10.00am-4.00pm, Sun 10.00am-1.00pm.