Gloucester HSC art 2018

Art for HSC 2018: 16 Aug – 9 Sep 2018

The latest exhibition at the Gloucester Gallery is the body of works submitted by Gloucester High School students for the 2018 HSC Visual Art elective subject.This work will later be submitted for examination,and we wish them all the very best with their HSC marks.

Everyone is welcome to come and support the students on Friday 17th from 7pm at their opening celebration in the Gallery. The students have a rare chance to further their art education by exhibiting in a public gallery, and for those who continue their art practice, or maybe return to it later in life, this is a valuable experience.

The exhibition is comprised of the final body of work by year 12 students. They select from a range of art forms when they initially set out to develop their body of work for their final practical examination. This can range from drawing, painting, printmaking, film, photography and sculptural works. The students have approximately 12 months to develop their concepts and produce the artworks that demonstrate their engagement with the idea as a coherent point of view and their understanding of the techniques associated with their chosen media.

Bridghid Nolan – Three-dimensional painting – expressing the aspects of books and how they engage the observer/reader in their world.
Mia Bowden – painting, high relief sculpture, collage focuses on the Aboriginal Relationship with the land.
Nina Samson – Sculpture – exploring the qualities and connection between the planets and biological structures.
Molly Danton – painting – Landscape painting exploring the soft emotive colours emanating from a personal connection with her inner and outer world.
Khya Papalia – Collection of works – painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage – the idea behind this body of work stems from the common hand gestures use in the everyday by individuals to express both a positive and negative response.
Emily Kerins – Collection of works – printmaking, collage, painting, drawing. WTF (Frog) focuses on the frog’s natural habitat and how it has been impacted by humans and man-made objects.

This year there will also be Life Skill students submitting some artworks for display. These students are not required to sit an exam and attempt the course to help improve their individual skills in readiness for life after their schooling is finished.

  • WHEN: 16 August to 9 September 2018
  • WHERE: The Gloucester Gallery in Denison St, next to the Visitor Information Centre.
  • OPEN: Free entry, open Thur-Sat 10.00am-4.00pm, Sun 10.00am-1.00pm.