Council parks & venues

Facilities_BannerCouncil’s parks, reserves and venues are available to the public for a wide variety of activities. Most of the time, people do not need to notify council or seek permission for passive use. However, under some circumstances, permission to use these sites for certain activities is required.

  • The event is open to the public and is ticketed
  • You require full or partial closure of a local or state road
  • More than 100 people will be attending/participating in the event
  • Temporary structures are planned to be erected e.g., stages, large marquees
  • Are amusements being brought onto the site e.g. jumping castles, pony rides
  • Food or any other product/services are planned to be sold
  • Alcohol is planned to be served/sold/consumed (permit required)

By submitting an Event Application you are informing council of your: intention to host an event, all details regarding the event, including insurance coverage, WHS safety provisions and a detailed list of council assistance you may require to hold the event.

For more information or assistance with completing the Community Event Application Form please contact:

Angela Hutchins
Events Liaison Officer, Gloucester Shire Council (Tuesday & Wednesday)
02 6538 5255

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