Holding an event

Planning your event

Do I need to fill in an application form? If you answer yes to any of the following questions you will need to fill in an event application form and submit it to Council.

  • Is your event open to the public and is ticketed
  • Do you require full or partial closure of a local or state road
  • More than 100 people will be attending/participating in the event
  • Temporary structures are planned to be erected e.g., stages, large marquees
  • Are amusements being brought onto the site e.g. jumping castles, pony rides
  • Food or any other product/services are planned to be sold
  • Organised one-off sporting activity e.g. aerobics, dancing, soccer match
  • Alcohol is planned to be served/sold/consumed (permit required)

Do I need a D.A.? Not necessarily. Whether or not you need a D.A. will depend on the size and scope of your event. Complete and submit your application form a minimum of 4 months out from your event. A council representative will contact you to advise whether a D.A. is required. The cost of a D.A is $388 (as at August 2016)

Event Application Forms

Other Forms

Community Use of Council Facilities

Venues for hire

Sporting facilities for hire



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